Loss / claim adjusters

The service offered covers "property claims" involving damages to ships, offshore units and structures, their equipments or machinery based on a technical inspection by which it is reported a clarification of the nature, cause, moment and extension of the damage has occurred. More info ...

Condition Surveys

Klassmar condition surveys are normally ordered by P & I clubs or Insurance companies to know the vessel contition before or during the coverage validity. These type of surveys are also requested because a change of class to non IACS organization, change of flag, and after a long period of laid-up. More info ...

On / Off Hire Surveys

Klassmar on hire off hire surveys are carried out with the purpose of surveying and recording the current condition of the vessel which includes the cargo gear, cargo holds and hatches of the vessel among others. More info ...

Bunkering Surveys

Klassmar bunkering surveys are carried out to measure and ascertain independently the quantity of bunker a vessel has at bunkering stops to prove independently the amount of fuel supplied and/or after a chartering period to get a compensation for the fuel oil left onboard. More info ...

Ship Superintendance

Klassmar ship superintendance services are given to ship owners or ship managements companies to control on their behalf the correct course of the class or statutory surveys, of repairs of an existing vessel, during the construction period, or dry-docking periods. More info ...

Quality Control

The quality control service offered by this company can be defined as an inspection service that allows verification and report of the compliance of products with pre-defined standards.

Internal Audits

Klassmar provides internal audit services for Ship and/or Offshore Management Companies / Owners. We have qualified lead auditors for ISM, ISPS, MLC who will follow your management procedures to minimize your expert employment charges as well as your travelling expenses. More info ...

Emergency Repairs

Having a very important repair back ground and experience, Klasmar we can provide urgent hull repairs at any part of the world and in few hours at Europe, North Africa, UK and Canary Islands. We have the only approved method to repair fractures, holes or indent under the water level in dry welding conditions with our FLEXYPATCH products.

We focus on:

Quality, affordability and excellent world wide service

Our main objective is to satisfy your needs and this is achieved by the excellent predisposition of our staff, call us for Alexandria, Algeciras, Alicante, Almeria, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Baton Rouge, Beaumont, Buenaventura, Buenos Aires, Busan, Cape Town, Carboneras, Cartagena, Ceuta, Charleston, Chiva, Dalian, Dampier, Dubai, Escombreras, Genova, Gibraltar, Gioia Tauro, Halifax, Huntington, Inchon, Itaqui, Kaohsiung, Kitakyushu, Kobe, Lagos, Lane, Las Palmas, Lehavre, Long Beach, Malaga, Melilla, Motril, Nagoya, New Jersey, New Orleans, New York, Ningbo, Osaka, Panama, Port Hedland, Portsmouth, Puerto Cabello, Qindao, Qinhuangdao, Richards Bay, Rio de Janeiro, Santos, Shanghai, Tanger, Tenerife, Tianjin, Tokyo, Ulsan, Ulsan, Valencia, Valparaiso, Vancouver, Yokohama amont others.

Magnetic plugging flexible patches

We are exclusive distributors of flexypatch products

Flexypatch products

Call us for any fracture, hole or tear you could have under the water levels We are the faster repair team providing permanent repair.

Flexypatch® is a revolutionary device supported by an innovative patented technology which seals and prevents liquid ingress or leaks without the need for drilling, welding or gluing when it is placed in the most pressurized area of the boundary to be sealed. These products allow to crop and renew plate under the water but with dry welding technique.