Sale and Purchase brokers

Ship and Offshore complete sale services

We offer a complete service from the Searching of the best tonnage for you to the transfer of ownership and new flag register. We are different to classical ship brokers because we include in our process full pre-purchase surveys as part of the service with no cost for the buyer.

Search and intermediation

We deal with satisfying the needs of both parties involved in the purchase by safeguarding the interests of both buyer and seller, serving as mediator in negotiations, and attending to the formalities once an agreement has been reached.


Ship valuations

Our vessel / Ship / Offshore unit valuation is a service by which a report of the opinion that Klassmar, as a specialized and independent entity has of the value of a vessel as an asset, and it is issued as a statement and sent to any interested party.

Pre-purchase surveys

The service KLASSMAR offers in this area is complete, independent, objective, and is designed to satisfy the buyer’s need. Nonetheless, you can add specific instructions, which will be looked at by our inspectors.